The R3 Hotel Policies

Our Cancellation Policy:

  1. The R3 Hotel requires a 72-hour notice prior to any regular cancellation.
  2. The R3 Hotel requires a 7-day notice prior to any cancellation for any event or holiday.

Payment Policy:

A 1-night deposit is required at the time you make your reservation. All major credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks are accepted. A major credit card is required for all reservations (personal checks are not accepted). An advance payment is required upon check-in. Holiday and Special Event periods may require 'minimum stays', and/or a pre-payment of your last night (this payment is non-refundable).

Please Note: All Holiday and Special Event rates are the same as weekend events.

Dog Policy:

  • The R3 Hotel is dog friendly (no other animal is allowed please).
  • We ask that your dog be Well Socialized , Clean, Trained and Vaccinated to be around others.
  • As a courtesy to other guests, we ask that you NOT leave your dog alone in your room if it suffers from any type of “separation anxiety”.
  • If your dog soils or damages your room in any way, you may be charged an additional Cleaning Fee of $150.00 or more.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entrance to any dog.
  • No dogs are allowed in our “Allergy Free Zone”…Rooms 17, 18, 19 & 20.

Smoking Policy:

  • Smoking (tobacco only) is permitted in Designated Areas.
  • Smoking of any kind is NOT PERMITTED in any Guest Room.
  • The use of any type of Marijuana is NOT permitted on hotel grounds.
  • Smoking in your room may result in an additional Cleaning Fee of $150.00 or more.